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5 Weirdly Relaxing Sounds To Listen To That Isn't Rainforest Noise

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5 Weirdly Relaxing Sounds To Listen To That Aren't Rainforest Noises

Are you the kind of person who can only fall asleep to the soothing background noise of Friends episodes on repeat? Or do you already have a first class relax routine and you're just here to experiment? Either way, these five soundscapes are worth a go: 

1.English Shipping Forecast

If you, like us, are partial to a British accent, then fix up and look sharp because the shipping forecast is here and it’s calming as heck. Sure, the narrator is speaking English but the sentences are somewhat unintelligible (if you’re not the captain of a boat) and the pace is super soothing and uninterrupted, making it the perfect ambient, yet familiar, white noise. I’ve got friends who lull their actual babies to sleep by putting on the shipping forecast, and if it can work for a 3-month old, why not try it on a 30-year-old with semi-frequent insomnia and crippling anxiety? Lol. 

2. Whale Song 

In general, ocean noises are calming – it’s the whoosh of it all. It’s womb-like, ya know? Whale song in particular is said to have placated crying babies, soothed women in childbirth and even calmed foetuses. If you’ve never heard whale song before, it’s a combination of ethereal noises that are long, slow and can be heard in a range of pitches that are repeated in patterns AKA perfect for relaxation. But just FYI, the majority of whale noise that we can listen to is actually the mating song of one humpback male. Do with that information what you will. 

3. Solfeggio Frequencies 

Sounds fancy, right? They are a bit actually. Solfeggio frequencies make up an ancient six-tone scale that is thought to have been used in certain pieces of sacred music, and can be found in Gregorian Chants. Some believe that these special frequencies impart certain blessings when sung in harmony. For example, 396 hz is said to help with liberating guilt and fear; 417 hz is facilitating change; 528 hz is transformation and miracles; while 639 hz is connection and relationships. We can’t speak to the science around these frequencies, but we find them hella relaxing. 

4. New York City Street Noise 

Do you miss travel? Do you miss waking up to the chatter of a foreign city hitting your ears through an open window? Don’t stress, you can now listen to HOURS and HOURS of New York City street noise. We’re talking police sirens, cars backfiring, Brooklyn accents, construction noise – the werx. You might be thinking, “this doesn’t sound relaxing”. But let us tell you, it’s better than falling asleep with the TV on and blue light in your face. 

5. Tibetan Singing Bowls 

The serenity of Tibetan singing bowls are second to none. These bowls, which have been proved to alleviate feelings of stress and anxiety, are basically a type of bell that vibrates and produces different, rich tones. They’ve been used for a long, long time by Buddhist monks as part of meditation practice. There are a few different theories as to why these bowls are so beneficial, but a leading theory is that the sounds these bowls create may impact brain waves in order to induce relaxation.