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  • Morning Glory

Try These Online Dance Classes If You Fancy Starting Your Day With A Groove

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Try These Online Dance Classes If You Fancy Starting Your Day With A Groove

If there’s one thing you should know about us, it’s that we’re exceptionally pro a morning boogie. Why? Because starting your day with a dance is like shotting seventeen espressos. It’s guaranteed to get all that dopamine and serotonin up in your brain.

But dancing can also be a little intimidating. Like, what do you do with your hands and how does one body roll, pray tell? If you’re looking to master the morning moves, or just get in a cheeky A.M workout – then you should totally, 100 percent try these online classes. There’s a little two-step to suit every wannabe groover: 

Wanna be a ballerina when you grow up?

Miss Auti is here to take you through your first ever ballet class. Or if you used to plie as a six-year-old, maybe you just want a brush up. It’s a 15 minute beginners guide, starting with footwork and moving to the barre. Or perhaps a chair, or a desk or the headboard of your bed. Whatever is sturdy, you know? Chasse, mon amours. 

Find the Afro beat with Kukuwa 

These ladies combo African dance moves with a serious workout. Think zumba, but less middle age, lol. The vibe is positive as heck, the music is pure sunshine and they transition seamlessly from Malawai and Ghana to Nigeria. Chuck on your most outrageously colourful/comfy pants and roll out the yoga mat. 

You’ll never be ‘Sorry’ with a bit of Bieber 

There’s only one word for this dance choreo – ICONIC. Whipping these moves out a houseparty is guaranteed to impress that king (or queen) you’ve been eyeing, so get onto it stat. Ezinne is here to walk you step by step through the choreography, meaning it’s a class suitable for beginners all the way through to pro. 

80s vibes with Jane Fonda 

Jane Fonda’s 1982 workout video? Sign us the hell up. We didn’t think we could love Jane Fonda anymore… until we rolled shoulders and deep squatted alongside her. If you dream of being the Frankie to Grace, then this is the class for you. 

Learn to Vogue better than Madonna 

Only got five minutes? Fancy learning yourself some queer history at the same time? Vogueing is a super stylised dance with a tonne of expressive hand performance, cat walking and death dropping. It’s all pose, pose pose and it will have you feeling like a queen (or king). 

Get hip hop fit with Mike Peele

He starts by grooving it out, then dropping it low before moving into some body rolls and honestly, this shiz is sweat-inducing. Mike Peel knows how to throw a dance class. This is 30 minutes of intense, unadulterated joy and you should get on it asap.