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Sexy, Sensual Spotify Playlists For A Sexy, Sensual Mood

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Sexy, Sensual Playlists For A Sexy, Sensual Mood 

These playlists are serving up some serious sexy time vibes. Whether you're cooking for a crush, getting ready for a date or enjoying some – solo – time, these bops are here to set the mood. 

Hot + Heavy Bops 

Whether you're in the bedroom with lover(s) or getting dirty on the couch, this playlist is a pure sex vibe. We're talking ambient chill, we're talking beats, we're talking 'take my clothes off already'. 

Makeout + Takeout Bops 

This is a date vibe. Maybe at home. Maybe you're cooking for a crush or ordering in. Either way you don't want full on horny goat vibes, but you do want something a little sensual. Something with a groove. Something that matches a makeout. 

Solo Sexy Time Bops  

This is an empowering, self love playlist. This is to be used when you're dancing round your house getting ready for a date. This is a reminder that you're magnificent and deserving of all the good lovin'.