• 20 - 40 minutes
  • Relaxo Mucho

Super Chill Tunes For a Super Chill Vibe

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Super Chill Tunes For a Super Chill Vibe

Alrighty, do you need to relax? Feeling uptight? Need a cruisy afternoon to destress from the work week? We got you. These playlists have been curated to serve up everything from  meditation vibes to bedtime relaxation. 


Cruisy Arvo Bops

Imagine this: it's Sunday arvo. You've done your life admin. You've been to the farmers market. You've taken the doggo for a walk. Now it's time to get into a chill mood. This might mean cooking dinner for your mates or reading a book in your favourite nook. You do you, but make it relaxing. 

Bedtime Unwind Bops

If you fancy a bit of ambient lo-fi before bed, then this is the playlist for you. Light some incense, chuck on a candle, deck your bed with fresh sheets and get cosy. Perfect for solo bed hangs, living room wind downs or a snuggle with a love buddy. 

Meditation Bops

No matter what style of meditation you practice, sometimes it can be nice to add a low key, super zen soundtrack to your visualisation/breath work/body scanning. So grab your cushion, cross your legs and get tranquil.