The Sex Position For Your Zodiac Sign, And Other Bedroom Antics

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The Sex Position For Your Zodiac Sign, And Other Bedroom Antics

The Sex Position For Your Zodiac Sign, And Other Bedroom Antics  Star signs and sex positions? Deal us in. Here's how you could bang better, according to your zodiac placement....

The Sex Position For Your Zodiac Sign, And Other Bedroom Antics

The Sex Position For Your Zodiac Sign, And Other Bedroom Antics 

Star signs and sex positions? Deal us in. Here's how you could bang better, according to your zodiac placement. Go forth and get sexy, friends. 

Taurus: Missionary 

Oh Taureans, this is not to say you're boring. No way, queens and kings. We just know that you're creatures of comfort. You're beings of quality. When you're onto a good thing, you stick with it. Hence, missionary. It's a bedroom staple for a reason, after all. There's nothing basic about it – just like you. We're talking easy access to boobtown. We're talking hitting the spot. Geddit Taurus. 

Cancer: Face off

Oh crabs, we know you just want to be held. Also, has someone told you lately that it's okay to cry during sex? It's okay. Sex is emotional, it's a release, let it all out. This position is maximum intimacy with a whole heap of eye contact and excellent skin-on-skin contact. God, you're so close you can basically hear each other's heart beat. Does that turn you on? How about some comforting back rubs while we're at it? This is haute nurture, and you can even do it on the couch. Thanks us later.


Pisces: Scoop-de-loop 

Like spooning, but let's make it hotter. Pisces, you're another, shall we say it - emotional - water sign so feeling loved and appreciated is going to get you all riled up. This play on the classic spoon involves tucking your knees up and really snuggling in. Throw in some neck kisses. A bit of a reach around booty grab. Feeling spicy? There’s definitely an opportunity to pull some hair. Or just nibble on those earlobes. Eurgh, delightful. Hug me harder. 

Libra: 69 

Oh you lovely Librans. You’re the balanced, fair sign of the zodiac and what’s more fair than reciprocal oral sex? NOTHING, is the answer. You both get to give and get off at the same time. You’re judge and executioner. You're also exceptionally generous lovers who aren’t afraid to be worshipped as the gods and goddesses that you are. There’s no room for body shaming when you’re with a Libran, they won’t stand for it. Get that booty up in my face, you hear me? 

Capricorn: Cowgirl 

You guys like to * put * in * work *, don’t you Caps? You want to know that your efforts are being well-received, that your hot damn laudable persistence is paying off. Preferably in an orgasm or three. The cowgirl is a relatively practical position, because you can be quite the practical person. And we love that about you, hon. You love sex and you love to take the lead – so this position will be right up your alley. Ahem, if you’re into that. 

Scorpio: Wheelbarrow

Mysterious, intense, dark and delightful, that’s how we’d describe sex with you scorpio. As the eighth sign of the zodiac you’re not afraid of role play, embracing your wildest fantasies or getting down with some animalistic sex. A position like wheelbarrow is going to serve you up some serious Plutonian power and control vibes, plus just feel hella pleasurable. Go forth and bang on, babes.

Gemini: Crab walk 

Geminis, you’re so adaptable. And adventurous. And curious. So it only fits that you’d vibe with a sex position that requires you to be adaptable and adventurous and curious – and just a teeensy bit of a show off. But don’t worry, a show off in bed can be hot. The crab walk means both partners face each other so there'll be plenty of opportunity for chat. Both dirty and otherwise. We know how much you love communicating, ya friendly air fiends. 

Sagittarius: Upstanding Citizen

No one can doubt your enthusiasm and adventurousness, Sag. And you bring both those qualities into the bedroom. Because you’re a fire sign you’ve got a bit of that ‘go big or go home’ about you, so bold moves and playfulness are important to you sexually. This upright position (whether you’re the partner being held or the partner on their feet) means you can take your sex life wherever the wind blows. Like, to the wall or the window or the mirror or hell, even outside. Go explore! 

Leo: Pretzel dip

Sure, all you lions might be fiesty and fiery on the outside but we know that in the bedroom you're actually sugar and spice and all things nice. Just so long as you're worshipped the way you know you deserve, amirite? The pretzel dip is Leo-worthy because you can maintain super sexual eye contact, get handsy at the front and the back and just generally check each other out. Because you're fine as hell. Heck, why not place a mirror at the foot of the bed and really get an eyeful?

Virgo: The Snake 

Alrighty Virgos. Listen up, sweets. You're a precise bunch, methodical even. You like to learn new skills, understand the system and improve the process. But that doesn't mean you're not super sexy. In fact, we reckon you're actually the quiet kink of the zodiac. Snake, which is like doggy but laying flat, is maximum penetration but hella controlled. Go fast, go slow, grab a cushion, whatever works. Just HIT. THAT. SPOT. 

Aquarius: Butt play

Aquarians, you don’t believe in convention. You don’t want to conform. You don’t think your sex life should be chained to archaic and rigid rules. You guys are the big thinkers of the zodiac – the most open minded and free-spirited, so of course you’re drawn to the taboo. And what’s a bigger taboo (even today *sigh*) than butt stuff? If anyone is going to be embracing the booty, it’s you lot. And we’re here for it. 

Aries: Doggy with vibrator 

Oooft Aries, you’ve got a sex drive on ya dontcha? Hot, heavy, spontaneous and childlike, you’re into banging that is playful and energetic. And a little bit competitive. Ruled by Mars, you’ll try anything once so why not give it doggy a go but throw in a vibrator? Introducing toys is a delicious way to keep bedroom antics fun… and spicy.


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