Playful incense that’s better
for the world? We’re making it.

Moody was born out of several margaritas, an empty box of incense and two women with a plan to make mindfulness more fun.

Incense shouldn’t just be for crystal witches and patchouli hippies. It’s actually a centuries old practice that’s been used in ceremony, prayer and ritual all over the world. Hello ancient Egypt! Hey there dynasty China!

Moody is here to shift people’s attitudes toward incense by making it more playful, more accessible and more inclusive.

Playful incense that’s better
for the world? We’re making it.

Here’s how Moody comes to life:

Our incense is made responsibly in India in support of amazing local women. Many of these women missed out on formal education and so handcrafting incense offers them valuable opportunity for independence.

Our sticks are traditionally made using natural ingredients. Unlike other brands on the market, we don’t dip our sticks in a diluting chemical like diethylphthalate (DEP) or dipropylene glycol (DPG). That shiz is toxic. It’s a big hell no from us.

Our Moody pouch is produced by a not-for-profit textile enterprise in Melbourne that supports our refugee and asylum seeker community. We also developed this pouch as an alternative to the shitty single use plastic and cardboard packaging that incense is often sold in.

If you’ve ordered a burner – very clever, good job! – then you should know that your burner has been lovingly, tenderly, magnificently handcrafted by a local Australian ceramicist. So you’re directly supporting the arts. Good, right?

We are doing our best to be enviro-friendly here at Moody so your order will be shipped in a compostable mailer and refills are dropped on your doorstep

And voila! Good mood incoming! You've now got your sweaty little hands on a Moody pouch and are ready to burn, baby, burn.

Basically, we’re doing our best to think big, be better and make the world a more mindful, Moody place.

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About the Moody ladies


Design guru + illustrator

Louise is an incredibly experienced and innovative graphic designer who has spent the better part of a decade working with brands like Vinomofo, Who Gives a Crap and Thank You. When not designing things, Louise is busy putting together art exhibitions that raise money for really, really important things like clean drinking water. A certified illustration addict and Frida Kahlo expert, Louise is responsible for bringing Moody to life in all its colourful, visual glory.


Writer + yoga teacher

Tayla is an award-winning freelance writer of brand-ythings and travel-y things. This year she was named one of Australia’s 30under30 producers – that was a bit of a big deal. When not writing about the power of graffiti in South Africa or gender inequality in Nepal, Tayla can be found on her yoga mat. A trained yoga teacher and regular Vipassana meditation student, Tayla gives Moody a voice and spends many, many hours researching the physiological benefits of smelly things.