Fun copy! How good is our incense.

our story

Moody was born out of several margaritas, an empty box of incense and two women with a plan to make daily rituals more fun.

Located in Melbourne and responsibly produced in India, Moody is here to shift people’s attitudes toward incense by making it more playful and inclusive. Designed to boost good moods, we reckon a smelly stick a day keeps the bad moods at bay.

Team Moody, assemble

Just two gals, dreaming big and lighting incense

Louise Brough

A designer by trade, illustrator by night and certified Frida Kahlo expert, co-founder Louise brings Moody to life in all its brightly coloured, big font, visual glory.

In the AM
“My ideal morning routine starts with a guilt-free alarm snooze, moves onto something sweaty—like a run—and then ends up in a solo bedroom dance party. That’s when I light my morning glory.”

How Lou relaxes
“Bath time is the best time. Bit of Relaxo Mucho, couple of candles, a little tumbler of tequila and maybe some innocent swiping on the apps. Or I read my book, both work.”

Getting scentual
“I burn incense as a pre-date ritual. I’m listening to music, swanning around in my robe, in reality probably changing my outfit three times. Just trying to set a fun, open mood really!”

Tayla Gentle

A copywriter, yoga teacher and general brand-y creative, co-founder Tayla gives Moody its personality, its voice and its penchant for pop culture.

In the AM
“I gotta move in the morning, so I like to start with yoga at home. Lots of twisting. Bit of incense burning. Then I might even shower and get back in bed to read some form of smutty fairy fantasy book.”

How Tay relaxes
“Key thing for me—lamplight. I’m relaxing in bed, with a sweet wind down playlist, potentially a bit of journalling if I’m stressed. Perhaps a meditation, I’m a bit of a Vipassana addict.”

Getting scentual
“Solo play? Light some incense! Got someone coming over? Light some incense! If I’m trying to set a sexy mood, I’m pouring a glass of wine, changing my bed linen and maybe sending a cheeky pic. Lol.”


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