This incense will get you laid,
mellow you out or make you motivated.
What mood are you in?

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All natural, toxin-free and super mood-boosting. Our Single Scent pouches are designed to be bought once and then topped up with your fave smelly sticks.

Morning Glory Incense

A citrus and frangipani blend for
positive energy and motivation

  • 20 good smelling sticks
  • Fancy reusable pouch
  • Bonus Moody pin
  • FREE sticker sheet!


When to burn:
  In the morning, amigos!


Bang On Incense

A straight up amber scent,
for a straight up good time.

  • 20 good smelling sticks
  • Fancy reusable pouch
  • FREE sticker sheet!
  • Bonus Moody pin


When to burn:
  For a scentual time


Relaxo Mucho Incense

Ylang ylang and vetiver
for a major unwind mood. 

  • 20 x good smelling sticks
  • Fancy reusable pouch
  • FREE sticker sheet!
  • Bonus Moody pin


When to burn:
  At your night time unwind



“I love the freshness and simplicity of fragrances.
Not super overpowering, very share house friendly.

Clare, Melbourne

“I love Moody because it gives me an instant mood lift that smells as good as it feels."

Souha L.

“Smells amazing. Love the cute pouch to store the sticks in. Hot item."

Chelsea K.


Incense in a trippy, illustrated Moody world? Your lovers / loved ones are gonna, well, love it.


All natural

Responsibly made

Mood boosting

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What's included?

Our incense packets include 20 x sticks. All natural and fair trade, 100% free of any chemical nasties. All our incense sets include a very fancy, ethically-made pouch that's designed to be bought once and then refilled. It's also machine washable. Plus! Every set (whether it's the Scent Set or a Single Scent) comes with a free pin and sticker sheet. You're welcome.

How to burn

Using either matches, a lighter or the stove top, hold your incense stick over the flame until it catches alight. Let it burn for a few seconds before blowing out. The top of your stick should be an ember. Place in your holder and go about your day. If you are burning in a small room, you can stub out at any time and re-burn later in the day. Warning: Incense involves flame, so keep the area around your burner free of flammable items.


Our incense is made of natural, toxin-free ingredients handrolled onto bamboo sticks using honey as a binding agent.

Morning Glory is a secret blend of citrus and frangipani, both of which are mood boosters. Research shows that citrus aromatherapy, especially lemon oil, can boost serotonin in your brain and reduce stress hormones. Frangipani, on the other hand, has been used in India for centuries as a healing treatment. They say the frangipani scent promotes deep internal cleansing, creates a calming atmosphere and refreshes the body, mind and soul. We’re in.

Bang On is an amber incense. This is because research shows that amber can boost libido, calm the mind and even reduce pain and inflammation. Traditionally amber essential oils have been used to boost male sex drive, as its believed the aroma can release hormones in the body. 

Relaxo Mucho is a blend of two fragrances – ylang ylang and vetiver. Did you know ylang ylang has been used for yonks to alleviate stress and reduce pain? It’s true. And our powerful, but lesser-known friend, vetiver (also known as khus, a green grass native to India) has been shown to not only soothe and ground but also improve sleep. With these aromatic powers combined you get a superblend designed to facilitate relaxation. You’re welcome.


  • mood boosting

  • fairly made

Scent Set

60 sticks of great incense


The Moody Scent Set is perfect
for lovers of good smells and great moods.
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