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Relaxo Mucho Incense

Relaxo Mucho Incense


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Ylang ylang and vetiver
for a major unwind mood. 

  • 20 x good smelling sticks
  • Fancy reusable pouch
  • FREE sticker sheet!
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When to burn:
  At your night time unwind

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Relaxo Mucho Incense

20 sticks for a major unwind mood

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How it works

Relaxo Mucho has been known to cause serious amounts of chill, promote maximum rest, result in severe loosening up, and sometimes, occasionally, have a tranquilizing effect. If this is something you need in your life, go forth and put your feet up.

More product info

Includes 20 fragrant incense sticks (length 20cm), all with an individual burn time of approx. 45 minutes. We use fairly sourced ingredients and zero chemical. Fragrance has been rolled onto the bamboo stick using a traditional glue of honey and resins. Our one-of-a-kind incense pouch is made to be bought only once (per fragrance) and reused and refilled with Relaxo Mucho. 

How to burn

Using either matches, a lighter or the stove top, hold your incense stick over the flame until it catches alight. Let it burn for a few seconds before blowing out. The top of your stick should be an ember. Place in your holder and go about your day. If you are burning in a small room, you can stub out at any time and re-burn later in the day. Warning: Incense involves flame, so keep the area around your burner free of flammable items. 

Ingredient benefits

Relaxo Mucho is a blend of two fragrances – ylang ylang and vetiver. Did you know ylang ylang has been used for yonks to alleviate stress and reduce pain? It’s true. And our powerful, but lesser-known friend, vetiver (also known as khus, a green grass native to India) has been shown to not only soothe and ground but also improve sleep. With these aromatic powers combined you get a superblend designed to facilitate relaxation. You’re welcome.

  • Ylang Ylang

  • Vetiver

  • Balanced

  • De-stress

  • Meditative

  • Mellow


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Chill out meditation

 Burn some incense, chuck this in your ears and bliss the heck out in 10 minutes.

Chill Out

Nice things people say

“I love the freshness and simplicity of fragrances. Not super overpowering, very share house friendly."

Clare, Melbourne

"I love the cute pouch to store the sticks in. Hot item.”

Chelsea K.

“I love Moody because it gives me an instant mood lift that feels as good as it smells.”

Souha L.

“I love your marketing and inclusivity. Naturally made incense is also a massive plus.” 

Grace M.

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