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Bang On Incense

Bang On Incense


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A straight up amber scent,
for a straight up good time.

  • 20 good smelling sticks
  • Fancy reusable pouch
  • FREE sticker sheet!
  • Bonus Moody pin


When to burn:
  For a scentual time

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get scentual!

How it works

Bang On has been designed to bring your sensuality to life. Whether you burn it in the bedroom with lover(s), soaking in a bathtub solo or just dancing round your living room – there are no rules. Except basking in your own magnificence, obviously.

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Includes 20 fragrant incense sticks (length 20cm), all with an individual burn time of approx. 45 minutes. We use fairly sourced ingredients and zero chemical. Amber has been rolled onto the bamboo stick using a traditional glue of honey and resins. Our one-of-a-kind incense pouch is made to be bought only once and reused and refilled with Bang On.

How to burn

Using either matches, a lighter or the stove top, hold your incense stick over the flame until it catches alight. Let it burn for a few seconds before blowing out. The top of your stick should be an ember. Place in your holder and go about your day. If you are burning in a small room, you can stub out at any time and re-burn later in the day. Warning: Incense involves flame, so keep the area around your burner free of flammable items.

Ingredient benefits

Bang On is an amber incense. This is because research shows that amber can boost libido, calm the mind and even reduce pain and inflammation. Traditionally amber essential oils have been used to boost male sex drive, as its believed the aroma can release hormones in the body. 

  • Empowering

  • Sensuality

  • Connection

  • Earthy

  • Amber

  • Warming


Banging playlists (lol)

This playlist if you're making out and taking out. 

This playlist if you're solo and scentual. 

This playlist for hot and heavy bops. 


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Nice things people say

“I love Moody because it gives me an instant mood lift that feels as good as it smells.”

Souha L.

“I love your marketing and inclusivity. Naturally made incense is also a massive plus.” 

Grace M.

“I absolutely love everything. The smell of the incense, the packaging, the cute drawings and imagery, and the little pouch to store my sticks in. Just love!”

Monica M.

"I love the cute pouch to store the sticks in. Hot item."

Chelsea K.

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